2020 Registration is Open!

Last Sunday we saw a new record with over 1,000 individual athletes start the race. On behalf of the MultiSport Canada team, I can’t thank you enough for making Barrelman the largest non-70.3 branded race in NORTH AMERICA!

If you are not familiar with our Facebook pages, I invite you to visit and like our Barrelman Niagara Falls official page where important information is shared all year long. There is also a Barrelman Niagara Falls Group page with over 1,000 exceptional members who share tips and support each other. For the past few days our Facebook pages have been buzzing with all sorts of wonderful stories, emotional recaps and plenty of smiling faces.

Over the past few days and on race weekend we had a lot of suggestions from athletes about some of the extras they would like to see. In a few days you will be receiving the Post-Race Report, which includes a survey. Please take the time to complete that survey and tell us what was good about 2019 and what sorts of things we ca do to make your race experience even better.
One of the most common questions has been, when will registration for 2020 open? You asked and we listened!

Registration is open with a major change

Barrelman Niagara Falls has always been about giving athletes the best race experience possible. We realize that the swim can often be the source of anxiety for quite a few athletes. We experimented with the Choose Your Own Wave in 2019 and, based on athlete feedback, felt we could improve. In 2020 we have decided to no longer offer the  Choose Your Own Wave and have developed a system that we feel will give you a better swim experience.

When you register you will be given four options as to what you believe your overall time will be. Three of the options allow you to choose to race as an age group athlete, where you will be eligible for age group awards. The other option is for athletes who want to race for the prize money. Those athletes will not be eligible for age group awards. Please note: If you are racing for prize money you DO NOT have to be a Pro Triathlete.

When registration closes we will create the swim start waves based on the above responses and start athletes in age group waves who are of like ability. We are confident this will give you a better swim and race experience.

Right now and until October 31 you can take advantage of our EARLY BIRD pricing. Our U.S. friends get an even better deal because with the currency conversion they will only be paying $166 (based on today’s exchange rate). After the success of this year and all the positive feedback please let your friends know this might be the year that Barrelman sells out.

Online Registration Closed

Online registration is now closed for the 2019 Barrelman. If you still want to race, you will have the chance to register in person on Saturday Sept 21st.

2019 Barrelman Bibs Allocated

Click below to view bib assignments.

2019 Athlete Guide

The Barrelman athlete guide is now available for download. Please ensure you read over ALL of the contents carefully as there is plenty of useful information that will answer 99% of your questions.

Please be sure to review all courses, transition areas, registration process, shuttle bus information etc etc.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!


Barrelman Familiarization Clinic

Calm your nerves and get all of your last minute questions answered by experienced #BarrelmanTri athletes at the Barrelman Familiarization Clinic on Saturday September 21 @ 1:30pm – meeting right at the swim start.


Barrelman Ambassadors and some pros will be in attendance where you can get in the water for a quick swim to familiarize yourself with the swim start and exit.

Following the swim (or if you choose not to swim), Ambassadors can give you a tour of the swim to bike transition, and can answer any additional questions and provide useful tips for a successful Barrelman race day.

If this is your first time at the #BarrelmanTri we invite you to come out and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Rock Your Best Swim at the Barrelman’s Swim Course

Figure 1.  Welland International Flatwater Centre where Barrelman racers will swim 2 km in a rectangular course.

Figure 1.  Welland International Flatwater Centre where Barrelman racers will swim 2 km in a rectangular course.  Underwater cable is available for most of the course to, which racers can follow without excessive sighting.

It is August, and many Barrelman racers are also deep into their training.  With work, family, life, and triathlon training all require one’s time and attention, a fundamental aspect of training is keeping yourself motivated to make the time to work out while also balancing everyday responsibilities.  To this end, this article serves two purposes: (1) to offer some specifics in the Barrelman’s race site at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC) that may be useful to triathletes, and (2) to offer a simple (no brainer) swim workout that can be used by anyone in the pool or in open water.

Based on my regular open water training swims at WIFC, knowing a few things particular to the center can help you make the most of your training and racing.

Figure 2.  Meter markers at the bank of the canal.

Figure 2.  Meter markers at the bank of the canal.

Figure 3.  Meter marker on the opposite side of the canal.

Figure 3. Meter marker on the opposite side of the canal. Large buoys are placed at the meter to denote the distance traversed in the water.  

Many triathletes and pool swimmers, including myself, desire to know the distance they are swimming and how fast they are going. While it is more challenging to measure speed and distance in open water, WIFC marks distances at several points:  *200 m, 250 m, *500 m, 750 m, and *1,000 m. [1] The distances marked at WIFC make it easier to swim intervals at varying speeds in open water (similar to a pool workout), which breaks up the monotony of swimming a single speed and is more beneficial for conditioning. For example, tonight I swam 8 x 200 at faster-than-race pace as a workout.  On race day, the markers palso provide distance information to aid in pacing, which is important for many participants in Barrelman.

In addition to meter markers along the shore, WIFC also places buoys (Figure 4) in the water both lengthwise and widthwise. Buoys placed along the width of the canal (Figure 3) demarcate separate lanes for swimming, rowing and other aquatic activities. Buoys throughout the length of the canal are anchored to the cables and spaced 25 m apart, which aids in measuring distance per stroke and provides a more precise measurement between meter markers.

Figure 4.  The buoys in the water demarcate the rowing/swimming lanes at WIFC

Figure 4. The buoys in the water demarcate the rowing/swimming lanes at WIFC, with small buoys approximately 25 m apart.  

The precise measurements at WIFC allow you to work out much like you would in a pool. Whether you are training at WIFC on a regular basis, or from your local swimming pool, here is a no brainer workout that I used from time to time:

x (m*100), 25 build + 25 distance per stroke + 25 fast + 25 decelerate, with 15 seconds rest , where n is the number of reps, and m is the distance (in 100s) per rep (i.e., if = 3, you are doing x 300)

This workout provides a lot of flexibility in stroke choice, distance per rep,  number of reps, technical emphasis, and even rest interval. This main set is scalable in three ways:  (1) swim nx 100’s as many times as one desires in one workout, e.g. ranging from = 5 to = 20+;  (2) one may scale the workout, such as x 200 or a longer distance for a more challenging workout; and (3) after repeating this workout for a few times, gradually reduce the amount of rest between each 100 in subsequent workouts, from 15 seconds rest to 5 seconds rest to 0 second rest.  Sometimes in a very busy day, I don’t really want to think too hard in swim training, but the above main set contains practically everything you need to get through the swim portion of a triathlon.  The build portion is designed to train you body to swim fast, for example, when you need to get around another swimmer.  Distance per stroke helps with endurance swimming that one maximizes every stroke, gaining further distance for less effort. The fast portion is self-explanatory, by adding some speed work into one’s repertoire.  The decelerate portion is designed to give one some way to recover before ramping up the swim speed again. This portion teaches you to recover while still making forward progress in the water. The goal is to reduce the amount of rest you need until the 25 decelerate becomes sufficient for your body to recover before moving into the next rep.

I hope the above gives many Barrelman racers some insights into the WIFC swim course as well as a simple way to train for the race.  Happy swimming!

Chris Yuen, 2019 Barrelman Racer,

Buffalo Masters Swimming Club

USMS Certified Masters Swim Coach

[1]* Indicates the presence of a watch tower at this distance, which is ideal for sighting.

2019 Barrelman Jersey & Tri Top – Limited Time!

You voted, we listened. After a week of votes, we came to an unanimous decision on this year’s jersey design. Here is the winning cycling jersey for the 2019 Barrelman Niagara Falls Triathlon. In fact there was such a positive response we have added a Triathlon Race Top to your choices.

Order deadline August 13th.

Order now!

For those who are interested in purchasing either or both tops there is some important information, especially for our U.S. based athletes.
U.S. Athletes :
  • First of all remember the dollar exchange rate effectively means that you are paying 25% LESS i.e. 75CDN = $56U.S.
  • Please know that when you order, you will only be able to pick-up at the race on race weekend. We did it this way to save you the high shipping costs to the United States.
CDN Athletes :
  • If you DO want home delivery, please select the shipping option at the bottom of the online store.
  • If you DO NOT want to pay for shipping, DO NOT select shipping option when ordering. You can pick-up your jersey at the race site on race weekend.
The sizing chart can be found at the bottom of the online store.
The Barrelman cycling and triathlon jerseys are now available on the Louis Garneau online store ! The online store CLOSES August 13th.
After August 13 you will still see the online store page however, purchase requests will have to be completed through MultiSport Canada. Please email info@multisportcanada.com   or call 705-797-4951 extn: 1
If you have any questions regarding the jerseys or shipping you can also contact Audrey with Louis Garneau at 1.800.463.8356 extn: 348
Get your jerseys now before the store closes.

2019 Barrelman Jersey Vote

Help us select this year’s Barrelman Jersey!

Please select your favourite choice from the below jerseys and fill out the form. One lucky winner will receive a complimentary jersey for voting!

Contest Closes July 21st  @ midnight.

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The Year of the Half – Experience Barrelman Niagara Falls 2019

Will 2019 be the Year of the Half?

Dan Empfield of Slowtwitch.com thinks it just might be with his recent article ” The Half-Distance .”


MultiSport Canada Ambassador

The Barrelman/MultiSport Canada Ambassador Team returns for 2019, and we are looking for passionate triathletes and duathletes to help us grow our incredible sport.

We are looking for athletes that are:

  • Engaged and involved in their local community and sport as a whole (ie: volunteering, clinics, guest speaking, charity work, etc.).
  • Positive, supportive and encouraging to fellow athletes.
  • Connected and engaged on social media (“likes” and “retweets” are nice, but we want create unique posts and engagement with our content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).
  • Innovative thinkers and content creators (training articles/tips, videos, podcasts, etc.).
  • Outstanding representatives (clean, sportsmanlike, ethical) for our sport and MultiSport Canada.
  • Athletes who love our races and are not shy about sharing their experiences with others.

What’s in it for you?

  • Free racing (the more you do for us, the more you get).
  • A platform to promote yourself as an athlete (online bio with photos and links to your website/social media accounts).
  • A large audience to share your unique content (training articles, race reports, etc.).
  • Sponsor deals and other perks.
  • The opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives and help grow our sport.

How to Apply?
Click on the link below, and complete the application. We look forward to hearing from you.