April 2021 Update – Pre-Registration Is Open!

We wrote on March 6th with the latest news on Barrelman 2021 and our hopes to be able to announce a firm decision on registration by July 1st. We have heard from quite a few athletes who are concerned that there will not be enough spots once we are able to open registration. The concern is that the deferrals will make it harder to register. In thinking about it from the athlete/customer perspective we have come up with a solution that we hope will make people happy.

We have decided to offer you something entirely new in triathlon. For those of you concerned about not being able to enter, we’re offering you the chance to pre-register for Barrelman. If you wish, you can guarantee yourself entry to the race now, without charge, no-strings-attached. – John Salt and Jason Vurma, Race Directors 
If you are not an athlete who deferred their 2020 entry and you would like to pre-register for Barrelman 2021, you can PRE-REGISTER HERE
The email can be read HERE