Athlete Guide – Correction to bike course text

We wanted to make you aware of a minor correction to the bike course notes in the athlete guide. Specifically to the section title “The Ride to Niagara Falls – 60km – 92km” found on page 20 & highlighted in red text.

Picking up from once you have exited the tunnel approximately 62km into the bike course, the correction is as follows and has been updated in the athlete guide.

Once clear of the tunnel, you will continue east on Townline Tunnel Rd. until the 67km point at Morris Rd. You will turn left onto Morris Rd. followed by a quick right onto Ridge Rd.  Just after the 70k mark you will make  a left onto Montrose Rd and then again a quick right onto Keabel Rd followed by another quick left onto Willodel Rd working your way to a right turn onto Schisler Rd.  You then turn left (North) on Beck Rd. at the 76km point.