Important Pre-Registration Update

We are really excited with how athletes have reacted to our Barrelman Pre-Registration option, THANK YOU!!
The response has been outstanding, with over 800 new pre-registrations in the past 24 hours. If we add the existing deferrals, we have almost reached our maximum limit. If you intend to pre-register for Barrelman 2021, we strongly suggest you do it very soon.
If we’re able to race, it’s clear we’ll have a magical day at Barrelman 2021. Should we be unable to obtain approval for this year’s race (and the situation remains unclear), rest assured we will carry over your pre-registrations to the 2022 event. When 2022 registration opens, everyone who pre-registered for this year will receive a code to grant them the opportunity to officially register before we open registration to the general public.
Thanks again for all your support of Barrelman Niagara Falls!!