Hi!  I am 38 years old and I call Southwestern Ontario home.  With a busy professional and family life, I am thrilled to call myself a triathlete.  I started into the sport – very slowly – as a way to relieve stress and improve my fitness.  When I began running I would go up and down my driveway – running for 30 seconds then walking for 2 minutes.

I grew up in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and that is where I encountered triathlon for the first time.  I remember thinking that 40 kilometers seemed like an impossibly long bicycling distance as I watched the athletes getting their transition areas set up.  Never having been athletic, nor particularly interested in sports, I never saw myself joining a race.

As an adult, I have struggled with anxiety and depression.  In 2017 a motorcycle accident left me with a concussion and then post-concussion syndrome.  My training is my outlet – the one time my brain actually rests.  I so enjoy the anticipation before the swim.  I love the feeling of the wind rushing past my body on the bike.  The steadiness of my breath on the run invigorates me.

I am excited to serve as an ambassador this year.  I hope my experiences inspire people to try.  It is how I got started in triathlon and it is how I approach each and every race I enter.  The Barrelman will be my longest race to date.  I am excited and terrified as I put in the hard work with my supportive coach, Sophie from CL Performance Training.

You can find me on Twitter @KCM_Mitchell and on Instagram at kcm_mitchell.  I would love to hear about your journey!