When did I start competing (running / triathlon), and why?

In fact, I have always loved running, but I wasn’t introduced to organized sports/events in my youth.  As I started my active live (early 20), I started running every morning, without knowing I had any specific skill at it.  I would run on any type of soil (train, pavement, beach, forest, snow, streets, bike paths, etc.), sometimes for short, sometimes for longer distances, but with no watch to give me my distance nor speed.  I really ran for sheer pleasure.  It was a synonym of time with myself, therapy, freedom… made me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Yes, I must admit, I’m addicted to running/training (in a good way!).

Then, I discovered the world of sport/competition later in life (late 20), but it revealed a hidden talent.  For my first race ever, I participated in a regional half-marathon, where I finished third.  I had always loved running for fun, but I had never taken part in any organized events.  People were wondering where I was coming from…  I didn’t know that this would be the start of a new period in my life.  I loved the people I met, especially the ladies in their 50ies that were, in my opinion, glowing with health and happiness.  I decided on that day that this would be my way of life, that I wanted to “grow old”, or rather “grow young” like them.  So, from one race to another, I gained experience and develop my circle of running friends along with a better technique: I was [and still is] always open to suggestions to improve my skills and technique, to become a better runner/swimmer/cyclist (and athlete in general).

Then, following an injury, I started to swim and developed more endurance.  Consequently, when I heard about a triathlon nearby, I decided to give it a “TRI” …  I loved it.  Even if I didn’t know much about it, and was certainly not close to the podium, I was hooked.  Running has always been my strong point, so even if I would come out of the water after most athletes, but would pass quite a few participants on the bike, but even more (including many men) on the last portion or the triathlon: the running, my FAVORITE!

Then, slowly but surely, I got involved more seriously, getting to know athletes, reading on the subject, participating gradually in longer distances.  After 4 years, I was doing my first half-ironman (70.3) and qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World championship (2014), which I did three times now (2015, 2018).  Then, as running is my strong point, but I like to do other sports too, I also tried to duathlon, in which I also qualified and participated in the ITU World championship, where I finished first Canadian in 2016 [see articles and pictures attached], second in 2017, both time on the podium as an age-grouper (pictures).

I finished 1st on several regionals half-marathons over the years (Saguenay/Quebec) and some famous races (snowshoe, trail, road, 5 k, 10k, 15k, 21,1k and even two marathon, both I did : Saguenay and Hamilton).  I also finished 3rd on two major half-marathons in 2017 (Ottawa and Montréal) 1st in Granby a week later and in 2018: 2nd in Ottawa, 3rd in Québec city ; 1st to the Hamilton marathon).

I love running, I love triathlon, I love racing, I love competing against myself! 


What can I bring/give to MultiSport Canada? 

VISIBILITY: I participate in so many races in a year.

SMILE: people often ask me how I can run that fast with such a smile.  My answer: I just LOVE running…     I am a bubbly, friendly person… and I speak 3 languages.

OPTIMISM: I start my races thinking the best will happen, that I can reach my PB, that I can make it, once more, to the podium.  If someone beats me, I’m happy for them, I share their joy, I want to know their story, their background.  I have a good fair-play spirit.  It they win, they have all my respect, as I know what it takes to get to that level: endurance, discipline, daily sacrifices.  I want to learn from them…

Even if/when I’m injured (as even the best runners sometimes do, just being realistic here…), I do what I can and do everything I can to recover completely and quickly.  I consult the best sport clinics and therapists… I always come back stronger than I was before.

POSITIVE ENERGY: I encourage those who start, share advice and my experience, keep in mind the most important (pleasure, health and self-improvement, which is not necessarily equal to time or position). I also highly value fellowship and fair play!

SELF-IMPROVEMENT: I’m always looking for ways to improve (as an athlete, but also as a person), to reach my best.  I think that being an ambassador for MultiSport Canada would help me give my best in 2019, while preparing for the race of my life.

HEALTH: even more important than sheer performance… I want to promote the image of a healthy and balance athlete…

Some of my Favorite Sayings

  • I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.
  • Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.
  • The distance between your dream and reality is called action.


If you have any questions/suggestions, do not hesitate to communicate with me.