My current race age is 46, and I have been doing triathlons since 2010.

When much younger I was a cyclist, but had fallen out of the sport with life and kids.  When my oldest daughter decided that she wanted to do a triathlon I figured that I had to do one also, I could not just let her go out and train on her own.

We completed a sprint triathlon, and I shortly stepped up to doing half distance triathlons. I completed a full in 2014, but have decided that the half distance is a better distance for me, and my marriage. Despite being American, a large portion of the races I have done have been in Canada.

My current career is working as an IT Consultant working on data projects. Data has also been a defining thing in my past jobs, as well as throughout my training.

Exercise has now grown to be a large part of my family, my wife is a runner, and my oldest daughter is studying for her master’s degree in Sports Leadership, soon to be working on her PhD.

Excited to be heading back to Barrelman for the third year, second as an Ambassador. My 2018 season was unexpectedly cut short, and I am looking forward to a full season for 2019.