Endurance Tap is an easy to digest, high-performance energy gel alternative made with just three natural ingredients: Canadian maple syrup, sea salt, and ginger. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, Endurance Tap helps you optimize your performance while fuelling with only the most premium ingredients possible. 

  • Nutritional profile: 100 calories from Canadian maple syrup, 50mg of sodium (we add premium Vancouver Island sea salt) and a dash of our proprietary ginger blend to aid with digestion. 
  • Easy to Digest: many endurance athletes have trouble digesting the thick, processed ingredients of other gels. Our product is all natural, thinner (it’s a syrup) and we add ginger, a known digestive aid. It’s also highly water soluble, so no sloshing in the stomach. This also means you can easily add it to your water bottle!
  • Even energy release: maple syrup is much lower on the glycemic index than maltodextrin and other common gel bases, reducing your insulin spikes. This means you’ll get the quick energy boost you need, but that’s followed by a slower energy release to even-out your effort. 
  • All Natural: with just three simple ingredients, this is real super food. Most other gels use maltodextrin and other low-cost food additives. They’re junk food. 
  • Resealable cap: no more sticky fingers from tear-tops, and it won’t leak on your kit afterwards. 

A proud sponsor of the Tri365 community and used by Olympians and weekend warriors alike, Endurance Tap helps triathletes achieve their best on race day. Fuel simply.

Use discount code “barrelman2018”, for 35% off first purchase at www.endurancetap.com. This code is valid until September 16th.

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