Taylor Reid joins 2018 Barrelman pro line up

Credit: Daniel Clarke

We are proud to announce that one of Canada’s best 70.3-distance triathletes, Taylor Reid of Caledon, Ontario, will be on the start line at Barrelman this year! Taylor has one Ironman 70.3 competitions around the world and is passionate about racing in Canada, for the amazing atmosphere he feels on race day and because he races best when he feels at home.

We had a little Q&A with Taylor about why he’s choosing Barrelman and what he’s most looking forward to on race day, September 16!

How has your 2018 season been going? 

It has been a slow start to the 2018 season with a few big changes in my life. I have struggled finding my early season pace but I have seen some improvement as the season went on and I am looking forward to continuing that trend upwards.

What do you like best about racing close to home?

There is just so much more excitement around the races. I also do not need to worry about traveling, and that is a huge weight of my shoulders. I spend so much time on the road so being able to race close to home when I can is so nice. There also is so much talent in Ontario so I know it will be a good race.

What are your race goals for Barrelman?

My goal is to win the race but there are a lot of factors and smaller goals that go along with winning a race. I will be racing the week before in Santa Cruz so I need to make sure I am recovered and ready to go. One week is a quick turn around but it has been done.

This is shaping up to be one of our strongest men’s pro fields ever. Thoughts on this? 

I always love racing a good field. With a stronger field there are more challenges but it also is more exciting race. It makes the end result much more satisfying.

Have you done Barrelman before?

I have never raced Barrelman before, just watched from the side lines. It looks like an amazing race and to run by Niagara Falls — that is just cool.

As a half-distance specialist, what are some tips you have for our first-timers taking on the distance at Barrelman?

I am a first time Barrelman athlete too, so any tips from you Barrelman veterans out there are appreciated. For first timers at the distance I would say stay relaxed and make sure you  enjoy everything. Also with the two transitions make sure you plan the days before the race accordingly so you have lots of time to get your stuff set up.