Two Transitions: What do I do?

In this news update we will provide an explanation of what happens with your race gear that is left behind at T1 and how it gets to T2.

Two Transition Primer


Registration On Saturday

At registration on Saturday you will receive three bags and stickers with your BIB #. These bags will be used at T1, T2 and post race. The bags are coloured coded and you will fix the BIB # stickers to each bag. The bags are: Swim to Bike Gear Bag, Bike to Run Gear Bag and Post-Race Clothes Bag.

Saturday is also the day when you rack your bike in T1 at the Flatware Centre. While T1 is fenced off, well lit and monitored by police all night, please do not leave any other gear in T1. Please DO NOT leave any gear in T2 in Niagara Falls as there is no additional security in T2 on Saturday.

Shuttle Bus On Race Morning

On race morning you will park or be dropped off by friends/family in the Upper Rapids Parking Lot in Niagara Falls. You will make your way to the shuttle buses at Upper Rapids Parking Lot in Niagara Falls bringing your 3 bags with you. You must keep your Swim to Bike Bag with you! No bikes are allowed on the shuttle bus!

You will have the option to leave behind your T2/Finish bags at Upper Rapids or take them with you on the bus to T1. Wherever you leave them they will be taken by our crew to T2 later that morning. Your T2 bag will be waiting for you at your rack spot in T2 after you finish the bike portion.

T1 On Race Morning

On race morning you can do any last minute checking of your bike. If you have any bike issues VeloFix will be onsite right outside the Transition Area. This is also when you will drop off your Bike to Run Gear Bag and Post-Race Clothes Bag with our crew. They will transport these bags to T2.

Swim to Bike Gear Bag

Before the race you will empty the contents of your Swim to Bike Gear Bag and set up your spot in Transition. You will leave your empty Swim To Bike Gear Bag under your bike. Once you are done your swim, you will put your wetsuit into the empty Swim To Bike Gear Bag and leave it there. The crew will then collect all Swim To Bike Gear Bags and bring them back to T2/Finish.

PLEASE NOTE: The Swim To Bike Gear Bag will also be used to put in your wetsuit, goggles etc. Our crew will transport it to the Finish. If you do not use the numbered gear bag we cannot be responsible for your wetsuit or other gear.

Bike to Run Gear Bag

Transition 2 will have all bike racks labeled in sequence by athlete race number. When you arrive at T2 after finishing the ride your Bike To Run Gear Bag will be waiting for you under the rack spot with your number. All you need to do is change into your run gear and leave the bag with your bike

Post-Race Clothes Bag

Your Post-Race Clothes Bag will be waiting in a fenced area adjacent to T2

Shuttle Bus information can be found here.

We hope this helps in getting a better understanding of the processes.

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