Cancellation Instructions


  1. Log into the CCN account you registered with your email address.
  2. Navigate to My Registrations by;
    • Clicking this direct link!/myregistrations
    • For desktop browsers; in the navigation bar click your name in the upper-right corner and choose “My Registrations”
    • For mobile browsers or small laptops click the three vertical lines in the upper-left corner next to your name and choose “My Registrations”
  3. Choose 2020 Barrelman Niagara Falls to manage from the drop-down list and click the “Manage” button
  4. Click the “edit” link within the registration details
  5. Select your desired Cancellation Option
  6. Click ‘Resend Confirmation’ if you wish to receive an email with your summary of your selection
  7. Save and You’re Done!

Please note we will begin processing refunds the day after the deadline date. Please allow up to two weeks for this change to appear.

If you have selected a deferral, you will be placed into the 2021 event and sent a confirmation later this year.